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Tuscaro Apartment Homes



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Office Staff
Grimase • Resident 0 Not Recommended
Reviewed 05/02/2012
Parking does suck, if it wasn't that I conned them into giving me 2 passes (I have a garage) I'd never have people over. Gated you say? Then why was the gate open for over 2 months night and day? Ohh your fixing it, yeah now but its been out of wack for months to begin with. Tons of insects, but i found out it was because my front door had a huge gap on the bottom. I've been lucky enuff to not have mice, Yet!! The staff is ok and I have to admit that although at first it was hard to get maintance to come out, after I reemed them a new Ahole it got better. But really do i have to scold you like a child to get service? And why on gods green earth would you rent an upstairs apt to a family with little kids? I've already had to put to upstairs neighbors in check and yes when people come down the stairs i have to remind myself that I don't live on a fault line. I hope. All in all i would say do not move here, my lease is up soon and I am out quicker then that silverfish i just caught in the bathroom..
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Tuscaro Apartment Homes

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