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4400 Truxel Road, Sacramento, CA 95834
4400 Truxel Road, Sacramento, CA 95834

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Tuscaro Apartment Homes



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TooMuchBadNews • Resident 2011 - 2012 Not Recommended

Reviewed 05/03/2012

Well to start off I will confirm and agree with some of the other reviews that people have posted about this place and for the most part they are true. Yes, parking SUCKS! There isn't enough parking in this complex luckily, I was close by the "visitors" parking area. It's really not for visitors, but for people who have more than 2 cars or cars that don't run and they like to leave them there for months. Really!? Yes, there are plenty of BUGS! Especially during the summer. At times it felt like I was camping in my own living room. They do offer pest control once a week to come and spray the complex (you have to request to have your place sprayed on the inside or else the will just spray around the perimeter of the complex). Although it didn't really help. Yes, there ARE security gates, but for the most part they are open all day and you might be lucky to have them closed at night. Also, the pedestrian gates surrounding the complex finally have locks--management never made the announcement so many of the residents including me couldn't open the gate to go for a walk around the pond and were forced to walk through the complex and go out through the main gate. When I first arrived here they didn't have them at all it wasn't until last month (April2012) that some locks were put in. Yet some how you still end up seeing a bum digging through the garbage. WTH!? The apartments are spacious and roomy. I like the pantry/washer and dryer room. As for the noise inside the apartment there were areas where you can hear your neighbors such as the pantry room, bathroom, and the walk in closet. I was able to hear my upstairs neighbor while he was walking around his place. It sounded like he had no carpet in his place. I just had to turn up the volume on my TV or music while he was tap dancing around. The first few months I did have an attempt break in. I came home to find my kitchen window screen thrown into some bushes and finger prints all over my window and my front door lock was visibly tampered with--Scary! I mentioned this to staff in the office and guess what they did..NOTHING! They really didn't show any sympathy towards my concerns. Wow! To me that showed me how professional they were and how they approach things so for the rest of my stay I tried to make the best of it and avoid any necessary trips to the office. The good thing I only signed a 10 month lease. Overall, 7 months out of 10 weren't bad I learned how to manage the flaws, but really one shouldn't have to take the extreme measurements that I did just to make the stay a bit more manageable. Such as buying a Costco size of bug repellent and locks for the windows. My last month was horrible because the neighbors next to me seemed "shady". Sorry but if you look and act the part you give me no other choice but to put you in that category. Let's just say something not legit is going on and I am just glad to be leaving. I don't need to be in the cross fire of anything that doesn't concern me. The south side of the complex is more noisy overall. At times during the week there would be this one neighbor that would have late night parties, I understand if its the weekend but after a certain time like 1am you should take it inside. I guess south side is also the smoking area as well because there were times I was able to smell or even see them lighting it up outside. Really people!? What you do in your place behind close doors is your thing but to come outside and do it out in public that's not a good look. Trashy! Ok, from the outside looking in the place looks great and yes, no complex is perfect. That's why it's called apartment living. For the most part you will come across one of these issues mentioned above but once you see all of them in one place that's just bad news. I did read the reviews before choosing this place at the time it was one of cheapest places around here and I guess I found out why. Good luck people and good bye to this place.
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Tuscaro Apartment Homes

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