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Office Staff
Resident 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 07/30/2012
It's so awful when you have had a bad day and get home around 9 or 10 and don't even have a parking to go in your own home. On a number of occasions we have had to park across the street and walk home. If you live here I hope you never want company to come over, there is little to no guest parking. As for the noise from unit to unit its not to bad, bathrooms are loud but not bad, as from top to bottom, it's awful I can here my neighbors constantly, back and forth across the floor they sound like elephants yet they are pretty small people. The top balcony's hang over the bottom so if per say someone on the top spills water or throws if over in will come down on the unsuspecting book reader bellow. When we moved in we asked about the noise and they claimed to have really thick walls and floors... wrong. The grounds are well maintained aside from the cherries, there are a number of trees that have these tart red cherries on them... they fall on the ground and children smash them till they are stuck to the sidewalk and no one seems to think it's important to clean it up. I have a rug inside my door that it ruined from cherry stains. As for safety I thought the gates were great, then I moved in and they rarely if ever work, the walk in gates are rarely locked. About 3 months after I moved in my key was having issues opening the door, I began to wonder if someone had tried to break in. The layout is nice for inside noise does not travel well but the stairs on the wall outside create a tremendous amount of noise in the living room, and when kids are running up and down them banging there scooters and toys all the way down it can become pretty irritating. I am on the south side and I hear the North has less noise, less parking to but it might be worth it for all the noise, children screaming, and "smoking" that goes on in this side. Oh oh wait one more thing when I moved in the largest cupboards in our house smelt awful!!! there were no visible stains but an awful stench. When I asked about the smell they just said "you've never lived in an apartment have you." I don't care where I have lived no cupboard should ever smell like that. I bleached it 3 to 4 times and had to cover it with contact paper just to feel safe enough to put my pots and pans in. It was nasty... IS nasty. On a GOOD note the staff is very friendly and has always helped out when needed, the maintenance crew has fixed everything in a timely manner and the dog stations are great... though more people need to use them. The price is ok but if I were ever looking in this area I would not choose this place, spiders seem to glide in on the wind and have wreaked havoc on our porch. I have almost walked straight into a web that went clear across my porch ... yuck. As I sit here typing the fan above me sways as my neighbors above walk around there home... glad I'm out of here soon. Good Luck in your home ventures!
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