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Tuscaro Apartment Homes



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Office Staff
Resident 2002 - 2004 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/22/2005
This apartment complex is terrible. Management changes too often. There is no consistent staffing, so don't complain or talk to anyone...they might not be there tomorrow! <br><br>Also, hope you like the fresh sent of pigeon poop because it is very dominant and it is EVERYWHERE! Along with the aroma, come the pigeons...hope you like them too because they like to build their nests everywhere...and it very noisey sometimes!<br><br>Not sure why they called it a "Gated Community" because they gates almost NEVER worked. And, even when they did...you wonder why you even drove in because even though you live there, there is never a place to park. Don't ask them about assigning a parking spot because they have tried that in the past and it just doesn't work. Yeah, it doesn't work for people that have 5 cars and have 10 people living in their 1 bedroom apartment.<br><br>This place has a beautiful complex. It is such a shame that it has to be infested with mice, pigeons, terrible management, and horrible staffing.<br><br>I would only suggest this place to a massechist or a drug addict. The only way you could stand living here is if you were so stoned all day that you didn't notice your surroundings or if you enjoyed living miserably every day!<br><br>
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Tuscaro Apartment Homes

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