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Tuscaro Apartment Homes



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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/04/2005
This place is such a joke...I don't even know where to begin. I guess I should start with the worst part of our experience here at Tuscaro...the MANAGEMENT! I have never in my life met more rude and incompetent people all under one roof! I have been lied to so many times by these people that now I simply can't take anything they say seriously, because they're full of crap! And incompetence...I actually had to show one of the office staff how to fax a document (dial the number and hit "send") because she had no clue!<br><br>As far as the living situation goes...scary (and I mean that in many ways)! Sure, the apartments may look nice during the quick tour, but once you move in, you quickly learn how bad it is! Especially once you learn that you will now be cohabitating with mice and snakes in your apartment! This is no joke...we have caught so many mice in our apartment, in addition to the 2 snakes (one right under my baby's play pen)that I feel like I am going to be traumatized for life! I am so jumpy now and feel like I am always seeing something moving out of the corner of my eye (usually because I am)! But do you think the management would give you any leniency to get out of your lease so you could find a safer place for your family to live...absolutely not! Instead they want to charge you an arm and a leg to get out of your lease, otherwise, you're stuck there!<br><br>It continues to get worse...besides the horrible parking situation, the noise level, and the gates or call box never working, safety is a definite problem here! I know many people here that have had their cars stolen or towed, and I had the unfortunate experience of an intruder trying to break into my apartment in the middle of the night, when my husband was out of town on business. The whole time during my 911 call, the intruder was banging on the apartment door, trying to open it, ripped the screen off the window to my baby's room and kept beating on the window and trying to open that. Thank goodness the police got their in time and took him away! But once again, the management did nothing about this situation, or at the very least, alert their residents.<br><br>I think the only positive experience we've had here has been the maintenance staff, at times. They have tried to be very helpful, at least when they are actually notified of the problem (usually it doesn't get entered into the computer)!<br><br>With all of that being said, I highly recommend you stay as far away from Tuscaro as possible! <br><br><br><br>
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