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Veranda at the Park



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Office Staff
Resident 2009 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/27/2012
To begin with, there seems to be a decent amount of visitor parking. However, that doesn't stop people from ALWAYS parking in your reserved spot. If you call the tow company that is recommended by the complex, then you be waiting forever. We've called at least 8 times and the company has never showed up. In regards to noise and safety, on a daily basis there are people (probably some tenants and some not) just hanging out in the parking spaces drinking. Often, I've attempted to pull into my reserved spot only to find people lying/sitting in it---occasionally even people park in front of my spot that blocks me in or prevents me from parking. I don't feel safe at all in this complex. Those who loiter around drinking will disturb you and sometimes even harass you. I have stayed here too long---almost 3 years. We didn't really have the time to try to find something better because as a student I often was working and doing homework. The grounds are rarely clean and many areas are full of dead grass. There are many broken sprinklers. Recently we received a notice informing us that if the complex doesn't find someone to blame then the specific building will be charged for the amount to replace the sprinklers. This seems unfair---we cannot help what our neighbors are doing when we aren't looking. Maybe they should put to use those "cameras" they claim to have to good use for once to find out who is causing the damage. One good thing about the apartment is it is large for the price. I love how big the bedroom and living room are. That is about it for the good. The apartment is all carpet except for the kitchen and bathroom which is fake plastic tile. Having the entry way be carpeted has been really inconvenient. It causes problems with keeping the carpet decent and clean. The "dining area" can hardly seat a small card table with 3 people at it. The space is not well allotted in the dining area. The appliances (dishwasher, stove, and refrigerator) are old and in poor working condition. Our dishwasher always leaks and if we attempt to use the drying option then it smells like something is burning. In regards to maintenance, they are completely unreliable, unprofessional, and unable to communicate in English. We have been complaining about mold in the bathroom ever since we have moved in and maybe they've come in a total of 3 times to "clean" and paint over it. However, it usually took 1 to 2 weeks for someone to come. The last time he came, I told him obviously this is still a problem and we just said the fan is working. He "cleaned" it (I quote because I am unsure about his actually cleaning it right after the shoddy way he did the other jobs) and dropped all my shower stuff and got bleach all over a very nice towel my mother had given me. Also, he got paint and dirt everywhere. Furthermore, he fixed a drawer in the kitchen and after he left I went in to start dinner. I stepped on a screw he left on the floor. Management is completely ineffective and only cares about getting paid---they don't care about even calling us back. They are hard to get a hold of when you actually need them. Overall, I would rate this complex 0 stars in every area but parking. I would NOT recommend this complex to anyone unless you are desperate for the decent pricing.
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Veranda at the Park

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