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Avalon San Bruno



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/12/2005
Been living here now since April and it has been a horrible experience for us. Yes, the community is very nice (because it's brand new), the apartments/units are beautiful and spacious BUT our overall living experience has been hell!!!! From the 1st day until this very moment, it has been very frustrating. We are the unlucky ones to have loud, noisy, inconsiderate, disrespectful, uncourteous neighbors! Not only do we have them below us, but above us, too! It is so sad because we pay top dollars--it's supposed to be a luxury apartment and yet it's like living in the ------. We are very patient people, easy to get along with, non-compaliners-so we waited before we started complaining to the leasing and management staff but when we did, we got the run around. First, we were told that they needed to come to our apartment to verify and confirm that we are in fact telling the truth about these noise issues---they have to hear them.....I guess we were dillusional?!? So everytime we called security, even at 2:00 in the morning, they had to come to our apartment first to make sure we weren't making it up then they take care of the problem right after that. So basically, not only were we inconvenienced and bothered by the neighbors, BUT we had to GET OUT OF BED too and look presentable to be able to let them in to our unit! Talk about efficiency on their part!!! Had to call the police several times. Can't totally blame security--they were just following orders from the office. Finally, after numerous complaints, the manager took care of the people downstairs and they finally cooperated. BUT we still have these idiots above us who think they are better than us! Wake up!!!! We are all paying rent--top dollars yet, and we are also deserving of some peace and quiet!!!! We basically stopped complaining and calling the office because I got this reputation but management is pretty bad with handling things. They can send a million letters to these kinds of people but until they truly enforce and implement THEIR rules and regulations, residents like the ones above us will not stop! Why is it that we are asked to adhere to these community rules but everyone else gets away with it? It would seem to be some type of discrimination. We pay rent, too! We pay FULL rent!!!!! We've requested to be moved but I guess that was out of the question!<br><br>Before we moved in, we asked about the airplane noise--if it would be an issue and we were told it wasn't. Well, that was a lie. The airplanes rattle the walls when they're flying by and let me tell you, they go by every 4-5 minutes!!!! Especially after midnight!!!! Then there's that buggle! Whew! Normal people like to sleep in on the weekends BUT you can't around here. The buggle goes off EVERY DAY at 8:00 a.m.!!!<br><br>Parking used to be good but it's getting bad now too though. The community is now at its full capacity so indoor parking is scarce. They say you must have a parking tag to park inside the garage, but we've seen cars without and nothing is done about it-no tags, no warnings. I can remember a time where one of our cars was tagged and we were threatened with towing EVEN THOUGH we had our parking permit VISIBLE on the rear window where we were instructed to place them!! So let me say this again---do you see a pattern? <br>Discrimination wouldn't you say? By the way, there is no parking for your guests. Street parking around the building is always taken by residents and employees of businesses in the area.<br><br>The clubhouse is very nice. the swimming pool is great but it's supposed to be heated. It's cold! We've notified the office numerous times but no luck! I guess none of them have jumped in to experience what we (the residents) have.<br><br>Oh yeah, one other thing. Whoever thought of putting the keyfob system that lock from the stairway area to the garage is a complete idiot! These keyfob systems should be from the garage area into the stairway corridors that lead to the hallway doors! What if there was a fire and because of rushing and all the panic, you do not remember to grab your keys before you left your apartment, and you run into the garage? One is basically stuck in between floors because you need a keyfob to go out into the garage and also you need a keyfob to go back into the hallway to your apartment!! I guess no one ever thought of the liability issue! If it were to happen to me and my family (God forbid) during a fire, let me tell you--kaching!!!! This property is facing a huge lawsuit!<br><br>Anyway, there is definitely a lack of customer service around here. Although, I commend the maintenance staff. They are all very friendly, helpful and courteous. They keep the place very clean. But there is a new female staff member in the leasing office who thinks she's God just because she works here. She runs around the property as if she was better than everybody else! Wake up lady, we pay your salary!!!! We are your bread and butter so you better tone down that attitude of yours and come down to earth!! Get off the high horse for pete's sake coz you're no better than we are! You're just a leasing agent! You need to learn to smile more and take some customer service classes. If you don't have customer service skills, you will never survive in this industry!<br><br>This business, property management, is supposed to be all about customer service, making sure the residents are happy--afterall, we are paying rent and without us (renters), there is no Meridian at the Crossing. They (the staff) work for us.<br><br>It's been very difficult and challenging living here. We will not be renewing at the end of our lease UNLESS some drastic changes are done. We cannot wait to get out of this hell-hole management put us in. We will be making a formal complaint to their parent company. Maybe someone there will listen. I've lived in the area for over 27 years and I know all of the communities around here. I used to recommend this place but I no longer do after the experiences we've had with our neighbors and the leasing/management staff. I've steared many away and started recommending other communities. It's very disappointing because you don't expect this kind of treatment or living conditions for the amount of money they are charging for rent. They don't care about helping residents and in solving resident/tenant issues.
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Avalon San Bruno

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