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Algodon Motel



Prospective Resident · 2010
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Office Staff
Ive stayed as a guest to visit my boyfriend off and on for the last five months.. This motel is one of the worst kept, run down, and unsanitary places ive ever experienced. It was literally "HELL on earth".. The room itself and how poorly maintained it is, is the LEAST of your worries once you step onto this property. The managers are LIARS, CROOKS, and conduct in ILLEAGAL ACTIVITIES on the grounds. NOT a joke.. They charged him $1400 a month and the room had no heat, and even if the heater DID work it was bent and looked burned and probably would have had carbon monixide.. When the manager Pauly was asked about getting the heat fixed she said "I dont think we have heaters". My boyfriend ALSO did work for them on the side as well, was told they would pay him, and of course never did.. (which is shockingly similar to a review made on this place in 2007) And the cockroaches are STILL THERE!!! Then, after 4 MONTHS living there, they asked my boyfriend for a DEPOSIT of $250, which they would pocket.. Pauly would come up to the room and bark orders as if she is your mother.. Rick and Pauly treat people with DISRESPECT and TAKE ADVANTAGE at any opportunity they can grab. BUT WORST OF ALL, they will randomly ask ANYONE they want, tenent or guest, to take a DRUG TEST.. Seem that unreasonable?? They mean RIGHT THEN WHEN THEY SAY- IN THERE HOUSE!!! If you do not comply, which i did not, they will tell you to leave right then and there and if you do not, they WILL call the police.. It is extremely illegal for them to be conducting drug tests in there house.. And Pauly knows it and she said she "DOESNT CARE!" I am SO CONCERNED about that facility that i will be taking action... DO NOT GO!!! WORST PROPERTY AND MANAGEMENT, BOTTOM OF THE BUCKET, CRAP HOLE it can get.
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Algodon Motel

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