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Algodon Motel



Resident · 2011
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Office Staff
Over the last few days I have been over hearing a lot about the Algodon motel and I thought that I needed to put in my own comments. I have over the last ten years been in and out of recovery and I can honestly say that with out the help of the manager polly I would still be in a bad place. Polly and Rick try to the best of there ability to keep the motel going. I dont know how many times the owner sherman was there and they asked him to make improvements or to fix things and he would say I will get to that at another time or just collect the rent and dont worry about the other things. He even told her that it was his job to worry about that not pollys and he will deal with it when he is good and ready. I would agree that the motel is not in the shape that it should be but as a employee you can only do as much as the owner will let you. As for my room over the time that i was there, Polly and Rick did do any needed repairs that needed to be done with what was within there powers to do so. For the people that have said that they are liars and crooks I never seen that and do not believe that to be true. I mean they have even helped keep the church group that goes there every sunday going, the church group holds a sunday breakfast and bible study. And do to this I was able to get and stay clean with all that Polly and Rick have done for so many we all need to thank them. Cause I truly believe that they are caring people and want people to get there lives back on track and that is why they stayed there so long. In hopes that they could turn the motel into a place that people down on there luck could get a second start. And bring the motel back to its former glory. But alls they got was a owner that was money hungry and didnt care as long as he got everyones rent. So in closing Thank You Polly and Rick for giving me a safe place to get on my feet, helping me believe in myself, and for all the others that you have helped.
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Algodon Motel

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