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Algodon Motel



Resident · 2011
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Office Staff
I stayed at the algodon for about a year, and I have to say, there were some pretty wierd things going on there. True it needed repairs, but the owner sherman wouldnt fork out the money to fix things. the heaters were illegal and now there are none at all. truth is. if I didnt need to stay there, I wouldnt have. the rent was outrageous. 1500.00 a month for a -------- of a room. no air, no heat. anyone who says the algodon is a good place is full of crap. the parking was bad. you were only supposed to have one car in the lot, but many people got away with 2 cars, boats, trailers, and the management would allow their friends to park there too. you never got your mail on time, and it was never passed out. you would'nt even know if you had mail unless you asked. the kids there were out of control, and one was the managers son,(who could do no wrong). if anyone were to talk to the owner about problems, they would be kicked out. people were scared there to do anything. not allowed to smoke in the rooms, but if you went outside to smoke, the possibility of getting in trouble was high. even after being there for about 2 months, I was approached by polly to pay a deposit which was never discussed before, and if you paid, you would never get it back, there would always be something wrong with the room when you checked out. and everyones deposit was different. the owner is a perv and would ask only the good looking women at the motel to clean his house for him. now there is a new manager who is never there, the rent keeps changing even for those people who have been there for years. there arent supposed to be any pitbulls or large aggressive dogs there, and yet there were 2 pits upstairs I would never recomend this motel to anybody.
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Algodon Motel

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