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Allegro Towers



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/21/2007
Please be aware, the positive comments posted here are by management. Management is horrible. check the apartment in great detail before you sign the lease. If this were my building, I'd fire management today. neighbors are always moving in and moving out. Paying an amazing amount of rent does not guarantee you quailty. The double pained windows are not thick enough. the doors don't close - so what's the point - noise comes thru the doors. Take your cell phone with you in the elevator - yes, you get stuck in the elevator and no one responds to red button. Yes, we wake up every night when the train blares it's horn and we wake up every morning at 6:30 am when the planes start to fly. Trolly runs almost all night - think it shuts down for 2 hours each night. Plumbing problems here. I read directions on Washer and Dryer - plan on spending 6x the normal time to wash and dry your laundry. Assuming you don't give up and go to the laundramat. One towel takes 90 minutes to dry and that's with double spin prior to dry. No working lint filter. Super small loads only - clothes always wrinkled. Socks never dry. You can't control the amount of water in washer - need more water to wash and rinse - yes I read directions and water saver button is OFF. Water heater too small for 2 to take a shower each morning. Must wait for it to warm up. Neighbors smoke - it comes in the doors and even bathroom vent. Poor quality appliances and poor workmanship. Very noisey here - tenants come and go and you can hear them in the hallways. yes, management does things that are illegal, but call them on it and they usually stop. I can't recommend this place. Sorry, but I agree with all the negative comments here. and beware, the management posts positive comments here regularly. STOP THE EXCUSES MANAGEMENT AND GIVE US WHAT WE PAY FOR - QUALITY - LUXURY APARTMENTS.
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Allegro Towers

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