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Carmel Summit Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 02/27/2007
When I moved here I thought I would live here forever. I live in a beautiful apartment with spacious rooms and the closet of my dreams. We are at the edge of the property and our unit faces a residential street and a beautiful mountain, and we can watch the sunset from our balcony. There is always lots of parking really close, so I don't have to worry about lugging groceries. I love absolutely everything about the apartment, including the following:<br><br>The wood in the complex has dry rot, and they are SLOWLY replacing all of it. They are also painting each building in a different color, and none of them look like they match, so it's hideous. <br><br>There has been much talk of the BRE takeover, and I'm going to have to agree with everyone on this one. I haven't had much personal contact with the staff, so I can't comment on their performance. What I can say is that after our initial 6 month lease ended, our already expensive rent went up $100, and the longest lease we were able to sign was 9 months. Our floorplan is now listed at $175-$375 more than what we are currently paying, and since our unit is in a prime location, I'm guessing that once our lease is up the rent will skyrocket. I will be very sad to leave this place, but I simply can't afford it. If you can, a)let me know what you do for a living so I can do that too!, and b)come take a look, because it really is a nice place.
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Carmel Summit Apartments

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