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Costa Verde Village



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CostaVerdeResident21 • Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/11/2005
I have lived here for 5 months, and it has been a horrible stay. I neatly listed some of the many issues. <br><br>Parking: So we have 1 parking spot since we have a 1 bedroom, and about 25% of the time someone I do not know has parked there car there. So I have to call security and have to park on the street (where it usually takes 20 minutes to find a spot about a mile away). If security shows up, they usually have a half---- comment like, "so thats not your car?", then they go back to their office and do nothing. No joke, they will make an excuse like, "I have to get some forms", and they take off and never come back. So you can pretty much park in anyone's spot and get away with it. <br><br>Graffiti: The graffiti is embarrassing. Someone has been tagging the entire building with comments like, "----", "don't smoke in my pooh hole", "rape", "kill", etc. (there are some random freaky/scary comments). It does not get removed. Either management does not care, or they do not have money in their budget to clean. <br><br>Crime: It is horrible, it definately has more crime than most areas of San Diego. Most of it is property crime, usually invovling a vehicle. But there has been a lot of assualts on the property lately. I wake up to fights in the hallway. There has also been an increase of bums sleeping in the stairwell, this could be because the weather is starting to cool off. <br><br>Feces: I do encounted human waste in the elevator or in the hallway occassionally. I do not know what to say about that, who would take a crap in the elevator? Be careful what you touch.<br><br>Management: Nothing good can be said about these people. They are some of the dumbest, laziest, meanest people I have ever seen. I can not believe they act this way during their job. <br><br>Drugs: Since this is near a college, you expect drugs. But their are people smoking dope in the garage, in the hot tub, they do not care. There has also been a couple of arrests in the building lately involving residents that were drug dealers. Unfortunately this attracts some low class dangerous people to the area to buy drugs. Thats just unsafe for the tenants. <br><br>Maintenance: What maintenance...They take 2 days to return your phone call and another 2 to come over. In my 5 months, I have been w/o a fridge for at least 3 weeks. Management has refused to install a new fridge, and has refused to dock any money from my rent. They should do something for me when I have to buy a ------ ice chest to keep milk in. <br><br>Nieghbors: aka -------s. It is because most of them are in college. Get use to noise at 11pm when they go to the bar, and at 3am when they get back from the bar. And the walls are so thin you hear everything in the hallways. Do not plan on sleeping. <br><br><br><br>
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Costa Verde Village

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