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Costa Verde Village



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Office Staff
katimia • Resident 2003 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/14/2007
My experience with this place is not so terrible compared to some other tenants' comments i've read here. <br><br>When i've had problems with my own apartment in the past, the custodial staff have always been able to respond quickly (within 3 - 5 days) in a professional manner, and they're always very courteous and friendly. They deserve a raise.<br><br>The problem i have with costa verde is the office staff and Anderson Parking. <br><br>Office staff: never enough staff around to answer phones or help tenants waiting in the lobby. More often than not, the staff are either helping someone already, or they're at a desk looking very busy. The staff need to be trained to say, "i'm sorry, we'll be with you in a moment." or, "Is there something i can help you with quickly?" Usually, the only reason im at the office is to either drop off a rent check or pick up a package. But, because I don't want to cut ahead of other people who're waiting to talk to a staff, I've been forced to wait when it really should be an in-and-out deal.<br><br>Anderson Parking: oh, where do i begin with this "property management" company... They do everything BUT property management. They did NOTHING when i complained about my neighbor's noise (on more than one ocassion). Cars get broken into all the time (happened to me once, although admittedly, I left some valuable in view). Tenant's cars get booted all the time. This company completely fails, and Costa Verde fails because it chose this company to manage the property.
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Costa Verde Village

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