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Costa Verde Village



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/15/2007
I had trouble with the leasing office staff. They were not courteous or helpful. On our move in date, we found that our original apartment had cockroaches, so we asked for a different apartment. When we complained about the bugs they said, "Cockroaches are just bugs, all you have to do is spray and they'll go away." But the real problem was why were there cocroaches in the apartment before we moved in. The only other option was for a more expensive complex in a different building complex. Our original complex was very close to the school shuttle, but our new complex was 1.5 blocks farther from the shuttle stop. In total, we had to pay more for a complex that we did not want, in a building farther away from our daily destination.<br>The parking is atrocious. The parking garage is only accessible from one street, from one direction. So in order to get to the parking garage, you must drive around the block, because you cannot make a u-turn at the signal. The garage is confusing, especially with the misleading signs. It is also hard to maneuver in the garage, with barely enough room for two cars to pass one another. The visibility is low, especially around corners. The mirrors are not angled correctly, and do not help visibility. The parking slots are small, and squeezed in between very large poles. There is very little security in the parking garage. Any one can enter the garage on foot. To enter by car, you need a remote to open the gate, but that doesn't stop any following cars from also entering.<br>The apartment itself is okay, but we still had problems with it. The carpet is full of sharp staples, causing terrible pain to anyone who steps on one. The walls have lots of holes in them, and even loose nails, which they painted over. A lot of the wood fixtures are cracked. The kitchen has oddly shaped cabinets, that are hard to organize. When we moved in, some of the drawers were missing knobs, which we replaced ourselves. The handle on the oven fell off, which we also fixed ourselves, because contacting Anderson management is difficult and time consuming. To simply talk to a representative, took 20 minutes of waiting on hold. And the representative was unhelpful and incomprehensible. <br>Our apartment was on the west side, so we got a lot of sunlight in the bedrooms and living room. But there were no windows in the bathrooms. We were also on the top floor, next to the stairs. The wall closet to the stairs did little to mask the noise from the stairwells. There was also a lot of street noise, including daily ambulance and firetruck sirens. Any noise from the hallway can be heard, including the elevator and the trash duct. <br>The security in the building is low. I never saw a security guard or anyone patrolling the area. Any one can walk into the complex. The only locked door in the building are the doors to the actual rooms.<br>The mail box is not easily accessible. Our mailbox was at the top of the unit, which was well beyond our view (as in above our heads). In order to check to make sure the box was empty, we needed to jump up to look inside. And good luck getting your package. The office and mail center do little to help you get your package. <br>It's also hard to have visitors because parking on the street is impossible. There are less than ten visitor parking spots for the entire building, which require a special visitor parking permit from the office.
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Costa Verde Village

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