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Esplanade Apartment



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/26/2005
I lived here for about 3 months and had to move for the Military. Where do I start.... If you live in the C building which is "gated" but never locked or closed because it is always broken, you will see a variety of drug dealers, child molesters and people just walking around either high or drunk. There are numerous illegal activities that go on around the pool area also to include prostetution in the pool bathrooms. The parking spaces are small enough to fit a riding lawnmower. Your car, no matter how small will get dinged by the other cars doors. Hope you are not overweight and can't squeeze through the spots. The mailman will deliver your mail to another resident because he/she is to tired to put it in the correct slot. When you make a complaint to the security they tell you to call the police and when you call them they tell you to call the security office first. Had a guy burst through my door because he was being chased and it was locked, how secure is that? It took 45 minutes for the police to arrive after I called. The next day I notified management and they did nothing to beef up the security. The walls have been painted so many times that it bubbles up in humid weather and then peels off. Since they are beautifying their apartments, just count on lossing your security deposit.. All of it because you will be paying for the new counter tops and light fixtures. No matter how clean and undamaged you leave it. The staff members are rude and unwilling to help you in any way. They are never wrong, if you move here make sure you put everything in writting, they seem to get amnesea about things...... Simple: Look elsewhere, the charge a little less for so much less.
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Esplanade Apartment

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