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Loma Palisades



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 11/22/2005
We didn't even move in and still got in a dispute with this company. We signed for an apartment for a specific move in date and gave a $125 deposit. They called back the next day and said that apartment wasn't available on that move-in date but a month earlier which wouldn't allow us to get out of our existing apartment.<br><br>They offered another apartment which was not an acceptable alternative so we told them we were not moving in and asked for a refund of our deposit (minus the $25 credit check fee). We said we'd come in and sign for the wait list at a future date. They refused to return the $100 deposit saying we never canceled the first apartment. However, even a bad lawyer would know that by offering the second apartment, the first apartment offer became null and void. We battled for 45 minutes on the phone with them over the $100 before deciding to just dispute the charge via our credit card company.<br><br>The assistant manager was worse than the regular office person first claiming they faxed us wait list documents (we don't have a fax machine), then saying we told them to transfer the $100 to the wait list(we never signed any wait list documents) then challenging us to go ahead and dispute it and they'd send in their documents and win.<br><br>Considering all the other complaints on this complex from people who have actually lived there, we consider ourselves lucky that we got into our dispute before we ever even moved in. Run away from this complex and the management as fast as you can.
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Loma Palisades

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