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Loma Palisades



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Office Staff
LomaPalisadesIsA------ • Resident 2005 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/07/2007
This place sucks! It becomes more and more of a ------ with every passing week. The office staff are a bunch of vapid ------- who don't give a ---- if you live or die. Our unit was crawling with all sorts of scary insects - especially spiders and termites. It was so disgusting that I could hardly sleep for worry about what might bite me in the night. Our tub leaked all over our livingroom and then the so-called management had the nerve to deduct the ruined carpet from our security deposit. Our neighbor's toilet frequently overflowed and the worst time was when our apartment ended up ankle deep in sewage. It ruined all of our furniture and the management's fancy lawyers made sure we never saw any money for it. One of our cars was totalled because we had to park it by the side of the road since there was no adequate parking in the lots and some crazy drunk ran into it. Another one of our cars was spray painted several times by one of the neighborhood's roving gangs of thugs. This place is not safe!!! Always cretins creeping around at times of day and night packing weapons and fighting and holding people up. The management of course works hard to cover all of this up. They also set vehicles in the carports on fire and stole from parked cars. What a nightmare. The maintenance staff steals and watches tv and eats your food during the day while you are at work. i came home early one day and caught them at it and they tried to deny it - but I know what i saw. The washers and dryers are always broken like you would expect in the ------. The mgmt raised the rent whenever they pleased - what a ripoff. The manager Kim is a ---- and a half and is a major incomp. When you call to talk to her the other dumb sluts that work in the office lie and say she isnt there when you KNOW she is. They must think we are as dumb as they are. Don't rent here - I wouldn't recommend this place to my worst enemy. Buyer beware of this overpriced ------ TERMITE HOTEL!!
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Loma Palisades

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