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Marquis de Hillcrest Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/24/2005
It's a nice building. Case Grande was built in the 20s and it has a unique and historic feel to it. Most of the tenants are young people wanting to be in and around the Hillcrest club area. Nice folks, but sometimes the loud music or late night partying can be a bit much.<br><br>The location is great for walking to shops and cafes, but lack of assigned parking means you will be fighting the clubbers and other residents for parking nearly every night. Expect to park 1-3 blocks away on most nights.<br><br>The management is a total joke. Unfortunately the current owners can't match the charm of this historic building. There are posted hours for the office which are NEVER kept. The building manager often shows up 2-3 hours late for his shift, though he is always out the door as soon as it is up. Forget about getting any problems fixed, and expect plenty of double talk between the manager, owner, and maintenance guy.<br><br>Also, the laundry facility is in the basement which is only accessible by a creeky old elevator that is out of service more often than it is working. The laundry room is also promptly LOCKED every night at 10pm, so if you forget to take that last load out of the dryer at 9:55, you'll have to wait until morning to pick up your freshly wrinkled clothes. Worse yet, the electric mains are all in the laundry room, so if you trip a circuit breaker in the middle of the night (easy to do in these old buildings.. toaster microwave = lights out), you will have to wait until morning to fix the problem.<br><br>The maintenance guy is a total joke. He walks around looking like a half asleep mess, muttering to himself. I'm not sure what he does all day since the common areas and building exterior are absolutely filthy.
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Marquis de Hillcrest Apartments

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