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Office Staff
Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/03/2007
I have lived here for over 10 months. I was the first to move into my apartment, everything is brand new..... but...... 1. No assigned parking...... if you have a car larger than a mini cooper you cannot park after 9pm. They tell you you can park on the same floor as your apartment.. they lie! Instead you have to either be an --- and take two parking spots, or mess up your car trying to avoid other cars and poles. 2. Security? You have got to be kidding.... I have seen seurity 3 times in 10 months, I have actually had to call security 3 times.... once when a neighbor got in a domestic dispute, one when I saw someone climb over a balcony (who clearly did not live there), and when a dog howled from 1am to 4am. I was told that they "CANNOT HADLE THOSE MATTERS". All they do is call a tow truck if someone who does not live in archstone parks in a resident spot. 3. Nieghbors moving in.... Today is Labor Day. The apartment assigns you a time you can move in and out... so that the service elevator does not get crowded. Well, they dont take into consideration people who live here sleeping on weekends, or holidays (the one day you get to sleep). I have been woken several times by people around me moving in anywhere from 6am to 9am (on holidays). Today for instance, I was woken at 7am by the people upsairs dropping boxes above my head. 4. Management...Very nice, very slow. Some of my nieghbors apts. got water damage.. the situation was not fixed until a month and a half later. Some people had holes in their walls, some could not used their kitchens. I have seen management give tours, they will tell you anything! Some of them live here and flat out tell you parking is not an issue. 5. Pets, I have a dog, I pay $50 a month to have him here, I clean up after him, He is not noisy.... Some people have dogs.. BIG DOGS, they don't clean up after them, they don't train them- so they howl the whole time the owner is gone, and the managment dose snothing about the fact that these people don't pay pet rent (remember some management lives here, it's not like they don't notice! So I am paying the matinence people to clean up these peoples dog poop! BIG Dogs are let out on there own to run free, poop anywhere (even hallways) jump on you and if you have a small dog.. watch out. VERY NICE APARTMENTS, great amentities, poorly planned parking and terribly ran.
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