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Promenade Rio Vista



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ItsWayOutOfControl • Resident 2004 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 05/20/2006
WARNING: Potential Renters... Good Luck! I've lived here in Unit #4 for 1 1/2 years and this place has gone to hell. Several nights a week and every weekend you have rude, out of control, people partying and yelling in the hallways. The noise level echos on ALL Inside Passages... and everyone must access an inside hallway in order to get to their front door. Those of us who are lucky enough to have one of the bedrooms facing the noisy hallway had best be able to make it an office and not a place of rest. I HATE THIS PLACE NOW.... SOrry... Moving out June 10, 2006 WARNING: Way Too Much NOISE & Uncontrolled Activities The noise problem continues in building #4. Several nights a week and every single weekend, I can clock the time frame... 10PM until about 4:30AM... undoubtedly, there will be inconsiderate... usually younger and college students paryting beyond control. I have called the Promenade Security regularly and spoken with the Management Office asking them to RE ISSUE a Policy Statement and have every tenant sign it regarding abusive language, noise, and under-age drinking. Tonight I spoke with a San Diego Policeman on patrol who agrees that this place it OUT OF CONTROL... his exact quote, "It looks pretty on the outside, but it's really messed up on the inside, right?"... and I replied, "You know it is!" It's time to move out and I strongly recommend that BEFORE YOU MOVE IN HERE... Get it in writing from the Management regarding action they are taking to make this a "Luxury Apartment Complex". What a JOKE! Issues at the Promenade at Rio Vista I am in Building #4 with a bedroom window facing the inside access hallway. I hate the non stop noise on the weekends... it's just before midnight and I've been woken up twice, have called security with little response... and went outside to talked with a local SDPD about the distuptive younger DRUNK and DRUGGED crowd. Don't get me wrong... I used to party... but I never recall disrespecting an adult's request to please keep the noise level down. This particular building is aweful. I strongly recommend considering a different property. ADD ON, SEPT 03, 2007 Dear Residents and People Considering Residency at the Promenade Rio Vista.... BUYER/RENTER BEWARE!!! DO NOT RENT HERE.... It's a Tragic Place to Live... I lived here almost two years, but finally moved out 1 1/2 years ago. The ONLY way to go on record with your complaints, especially about safety and noise from parties is to CALL THE SAN DIEGO POLICE DEPARTMENT - FIRST!!! Then call the "private security company" and ADVISE THEM YOU HAVE DONE SO. Insist that the police show up and file a complaint against the disrespectful neighbors. I can not fathom that anyone would continue to put up with the lack of response from the "management company" since they are completely inept. With regard to the "cleaning crew" tossing their bucket out in the gutter... take photos and call the local environmental agencies. Photos of the people, their vehicles, and what they are doing. Remember, your calls to SD Police Department are PUBLIC RECORD of Disturbing the Peace and can be used in a court of law. Any calls to the private security agency are useless... unless you call the SDPD FIRST! Good Luck.... I STRONGLY RECOMMEND A "DO NOT MOVE IN" POLICY with regard to this property!
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Promenade Rio Vista

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