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Trieste Apartment Villas



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marisahobbs • Resident 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 09/28/2005
We had a 1 bedroom apartment with a loft on the 3rd floor on the west side of the complex, right next to the high rise retirement community. I thought our apartment was great and we were in a location where we got plenty of sunlight. The main problems I had were with the parking. The spaces are so narrow that I was always fearful of my new car getting dinged or dinging someone else's. Cars there were always scraped and you could tell they'd scraped them on the white stucco pillars taking up a quarter of the parking spot. My fiance always had to get out before I pulled into the parking spot because otherwise he wouldn't be able to open the door and get out without hitting someone else's car with the door. It was a nightmare to have guests over. I also didn't like having to walk so far just to take out the trash - down three flights of stairs and back up. It made taking out the trash a real chore. For us it was really noisy for two reasons 1) because the elderly man next to us turned on the faucet in his kitchen a lot at night and it was right on the other side of our bedroom wall and 2) because the retirement community was next door and all the kitchen crew would stand outside smoking and being loud as hell at night. Also, every morning around 7am, weekend or not, all their trash bins were emptied which was always a rude awakening. The shattering glass went on for about 5 minutes because there are so many bins to empty. Once the trash truck even knocked one of the dumpsters over and then spent the next half hour hooking chains on it and trying to set it upright. It would have been funny if it hadn't been so loud. The security gate WAS a joke since it was at least half the time stuck open. The gym is laughable but the main pool is really nice.
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Trieste Apartment Villas

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