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Villas at Camino Bernardo



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TheVillaRenter • Resident 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/16/2013
I have been a tenant at the Villas for approximately a year now and have numerous issues with their staff and their complex. 1. In the past year I have had to ask maintenance to come out to fix the following: a. toilet b. air conditioning unit c. heater *note: I am about to put in a service request for the toilet being backed up (again) along with my leaking dishwasher 2. Parking spaces have no rhyme or reason to assignment and they are usually lined unevenly so hopefully you have a small car and so does your neighbor parking next to you 3. The dog park should be renamed "poop" park since no one ever cleans up after their pets nor does management. Beware of land mines. Pros - close to the freeway *this is the only pro I can think about Cons - slow response time from staff, never pick-up the phone, maintenance is severly backed-up, failing appliances NOTE - before renting from The Villas, ask to view the ACTUAL apartment you will be renting. They make you believe that the unit you are renting will have high quality items and look fresh and new but their model does not reflect the actual unit you will be renting. They state they cannot show you the actual unit because it is being serviced but I think it is a ploy so that you are stuck with a "lemon" apartment.
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Villas at Camino Bernardo

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