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Bayside Village



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/20/2005
Let me say that this place has THEE WORST WORST WORST management office whatsoever!!! I have NEVER EVER seen a management office SOOOO ---- SELFISH...... NO KIDDING. I know for a fact that on Friday one time, they put their clock a few minutes ahead, so that they can leave. How do I know that? because I called as I was coming to the office... they told me I had 7minutes... I hung up and ran... checked my phone for the exact minutes and it took less than 2 minutes. OH, the office is CLOSED. SORRY~~ You should call the after hour security for the key and that'll cost you $20. I was like WHAT? You are STILL in the office and you can't go right around the corner and give me my KEY!? She was like, I'm AFRAID we are CLLLLLOOOOSED. You know what? I'd understand if it was REALLY after 7 minutes.... BUT I checked the exact times on my phone. the time I called, the duration of the call and the exact time I got there. It took me no more than a minute and a half. <br><br>A few other guys were there to pick up their packages... the guy was like, What time do you have? Because I have 6:56pm. What time do you have?? and of course, the lady keeps going, Soooorrrry~~ I'm afrrrraiid we are cllllooossseed. repeat like 5 times. The guy was so ridiculed, shook his head and said YOU GUYS are ABSOLUTELY amazing... YOU GUYS>... and kept shaking his head, walked off pissed off. <br><br>Well, that's ONE example. If you decide to live here anyway, hey, I'm all for it! Just be prepared to ONE day be PISSED off because this office is ruthelss, RUDE, SELFISH... they WILL ruin your day for good one day... you'll see., <br><br>You know what? If you think that you'll NEVER EVER have to deal with the management office EVER again, go for it. The place is decent, charges WAAAY too much, so it BETTER be decent. BUT if you EVER need to talk to the management office?? HA! GOOD LUCK! <br><br>Oh, one more thing. They raised my neighbors' rent by $300 bucks because their lease ran out and were on month to month for like.. 2 month? So, they got the heck out of there. I'm very happy to say that I'm moving soon also!!!
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Bayside Village

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