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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/14/2005
I have lived in this building for quite some time and I must say that Jerry is the worst apartment manager I have experienced in all of my years of renting apartments. He treats his tennants like absolute crap--as if we are all a bother to him--all below him. <br><br>He huffs and puffs about every little thing he does (and previous posters are correct--everything is outsourced to other people) and complains about every little thing. There has been something broken in my apartment for well over a year now that he still has not had fixed even though I told him about it and he came up to look at it.<br><br>Common/shared things (such as the elevator and garbage shoot) often take time to be fixed.<br><br>He does sometimes put large packages inside my apartment when they arrive which I think is nice (although I don't like him in my apt. when I am not there--he never asked me if that was okay to do).<br><br>He yells at tennants that sit on the front steps--umm, hello we LIVE here. We're not homeless bums.<br><br>I noticed also that most people in the building are really grumpy and seemed pissed off most of the time--and I think it's because Jerry makes this building such a difficult place to live in.<br><br>And if you're a young woman--look out! He is so much nastier to girls than guys--and it's not because he's gay because he's nasty to the gay guys, too.<br><br>The apartments are also on the expensive side.<br><br>Why do I stay? Well, it's incredibly convenient for me and I have friends in the building which make it tolerable. Also, it's great that you can have pets here. <br><br>However, I must say that if Jerry actually understood that part of his job as an apartment manager is to KEEP tennants instead of running them out and treated them nicely and with respect, this would be a great place to live. Also, if he understood that if he was nice and pleasant and a good person, people would want to stay which would mean that he wouldn't have to show the apartments so often--which we all know he HATES.<br><br>Many of us want to notify the actual landlords and complain, but not surprisingly, the landlords' contact information is not available to us and any communication needs to go through Jerry.<br><br>He really needs to go. There are plenty of other nice wonderful people in the building that could do a much better job.<br><br>There are tons of other buildings and apartments in the city. You really don't need to bother with this one until Jerry leaves or dies or gets fired.<br><br>And based on previous posts, I am SO not looking forward to when I need to give notice and move out. He's a jerk to me already, I can't even imagine what it will be like when I move.<br><br>And I have to concur that I am sure that the few positive reviews on here that don't mention what a jerk he is are probably authored by Jerry or friends of his (although I doubt he actually knows how to use a computet) because I have not met one person in the building that actually likes or respects him.
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Burke-Lewis Apartments

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