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Office Staff
Resident 1994 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/01/2007
I have been living in Parmerced since I started my higher education at San Francisco State University in 1993. I am still a resident here; not because I love this place but because my rent is cheap due to rent control. <br><br>The life here became quite uncomfortable since the new management took over the apartments. The most annoying fact about living in Parkmerced is dealing with the office staff. I pay my entire dollar amount of my rent on time, but I have received numerous eviction notices over the last two years stating that I have not paid my rent, or letters stating that I owe them more money (this has happened to several of my neighbors as well). The accounting department is extremely incompetent and unable to keep simple accounting straight. It has been very exausting to try to get them to fix their mistakes. <br><br>It is imposible to get the "Resident relations" to response to any of my problems or concerns. It took me over four months (after several phone calls and visits to the office) to get extra keys made to my apartment, and when they finally provided me the new keys, they were the wrong keys; the office had to replace the lock eventually because they have lost all the copies and I lost my last set of keys. This is only one of the negative experiences I have had with the Parkmerced staff; I can go on forever with my list. <br><br>Another important observation is the lack of security in Parkmerced. For the last few years I have had several incidents of theft happened to me. There were several incidents of stolen mail, breaks in to my storage unit, stolen laundry (including clothes, inexpensive laundry bags, laundry detergents, etc.,), stolen grocery (I left in the lobby until I parked my car), and personal belongings I left by my door while I was moving them to the storage. THERE ARE THIEFS IN 355 SERRANO DRIVE, TOWER BUILDING. I complained to the office through their "Resident Care Line", but I didn't receive any response from them (I am not surprised!!).<br><br>I have noticed the upkeep of the public areas and the grounds have worsened.<br>This problem is mostly created by inconsiderate and rude residents but Parkmerced management is not dealing with it satisfactorily either.<br><br>To my suprise, the maintenance department have responded to almost all my maintenance requests in a timely manner, but the quality of their repairs is very poor (whatever they fix, breaks again quickly).
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