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1475 Fillmore St

San Francisco, CA 94115



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/11/2005
The building looks very pretty, but NOTHING about it is pretty. I lived in the Eddy building and there were dozens of drug dealers coming in and out of the building. Yeah, they tell you that it is secured entry because you need a special access key, however, these drug dealers are in the building so the crackheads just wait down stairs to be buzzed in or they come inside when you come into the building. I saw crackheads and their pimps in the elevator along with their market cart full of cans. The management does not do a good job of screening the people that live there, all they care about is that they can pay. They don't care if they are drug dealers, or smoke on the hall ways etc. Even though i was in the fifth floor, I can hear the sirens of police officers chasing down gangsters. People yelling downstairs. I did not know that most of the buildings hearby were PROJECTS!!!! so the people near you wait outside the building waiting to go in, and what are you going to say??? Don't come in??? Yeah right, they look scary. On the day I was moving in, my mover's life was threaten by some guy inside this ------ car. As a girl, I was followed into the building by these gangster-style-men. I was scared shitless. To add insult to injury when I was moving out, a bunch of security guards harassed me because I was still moving out at 8:30, apparently, there is a curfew which is 9pm. So, what they did was turn on the sirens inside the building until I left. Yeah, there is a reason for the curfew, because if your stuff is outside it is very likely you will get your stuff stolen or shot. I heard stories about people having their apartments broken into becuase there is so much freaking strangers coming in and out of the building, like a cheap 24 hr ----- house. If you have any regard for peace of mind. STAY AWAY!!!
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The Fillmore Center

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