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1776 Apartments



Resident · 2008
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Office Staff
I been living at 1776 apartments for the last 10 months, The positives: the apartments look nice from the outside and the inside, the manager is nice and she gets things done fast. The Facility crew is really nice, Parking is ok towards the back of the complex, The Negatives: The apartment was not fully cleaned when I moved in, the kitchen cabinets are outdated, the facility crew does not clean after them self after a service request is done, parking is bad if you have an apartment in the front of the building very hard to find parking. lots of motorcycle drivers with VERY LOUD engines.( Nothing against motorcycles ) I parked towards the back of the building a few times and someone threw coffee on my window twice!!, after talking to a neighbors I found out the some people claim parking spots as their own and supposedly I parked in someone's parking space an that's is why they threw coffee on my window, he said they did the same to his car. ( FYI - IT'S NOT ASSIGN PARKING !!!!!! ) Very, Very. Very loud, you are between Almaden Expressway on one side, loud passing car noises, and a mechanic/machine shop on the other side that is Extremely loud and they start making LOUD noises, like banging metal on metal, rubbing car engines that causes fumes to blow into the apartment, throwing metal parts into their dumpster, at 7:00am to like around 9:00pm 7 days a week!!!!!!! I tried calling the city of San Jose and the police department but they did not help at all. Very hard to get some good sleep, sleep in or take a nap!!!!!!!!! In several occasions I seen guys walking around the parking lot with out their shirts showing their white power tattoos looking at other people crazy. Nothing wrong with Tattoos and expressing what you believe in but you don't walk around looking for trouble! Not Good!!!! and dont want to deal with that!!! I will not be signing another lease, I will be moving once my lease expires.
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1776 Apartments

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