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Almaden Terrace Apartments



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screwalmadenterrace • Resident 2005 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/13/2007
My girlfriend has had nothing but problems since she moved in here, first thing they did was put her in an apartment where her next door neighbor was a sex offender and she has 2 kiddos (10 and 5).<br><br>These degenerate kids run around at all hours of the night, yelling, screaming, being hoodlums, etc. These people don't watch their kids or do anything about them, they sit on the stairs at night and talk and cuss, they write on the walls, LEAVE TRASH EVERYWHERE etc.<br><br>She has a weirdo neighbor now who listens to techno loud and used to try and put coffee filters w/grounds down the drain and now he does not because it backed up HER water and flooded her kitchen, they sent people in to "clean" everything, what they really meant was whipe our stuff down with towels and leave. A f***ing joke.<br><br>Now we have a rat in the apartment that we have no idea where the ---- it came from and the first day they came in they attempted to "catch" it with a bucket and it escaped, tell me HOW THE HELL a rat escapes a human? Are these people idiots? I think so, now has had her "guest" for the past 3 days and its trapped in the kids room and they refuse to come out and do anything about it until tomorrow when the pest control people come.<br><br>AVOID THIS PLACE AT ALL COSTS, THIS IS THE BIGGEST RAT HOLE PIECE OF CRAP PLACE I HAVE EVER BEEN TO, STAY AWAY, STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Almaden Terrace Apartments

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