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Avana Skyway Apartments

4501 Snell Avenue

San Jose, CA 95136



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Office Staff
Resident 1998 - 2002 Recommended
Reviewed 04/30/2002
GOOD: <br> <br>Rent was going up by about $50 each year for the last four ($850 to $1050), but because of recession they recently reduced my rent to $925! <br> <br>Lease is month-to-month. <br> <br>Each apartment comes with private closed garage with automatic door. <br> <br>Good neighborhood, low crime, with ample shopping and restaurants nearby. <br> <br>Very little noise travels from adjacent apartments. <br> <br>Small clothes washer and dryer in apartment. Community laundry room with large machines. <br> <br>Excellent large kitchen with refrigerator and dish washer included. <br> <br>All of my maintenance requests were dealt with quickly and professionally. <br> <br>Has 3 small, usually empty, workout rooms with treadmills, bikes, and weights. <br> <br>Pools and jacuzzis. <br> <br>Air conditioning unit in apartment, noisy and manually controlled, but I couldn´t live without it. <br> <br> <br>BAD: <br> <br>Since lease is month-to-month, neighbors move in and out frequently, which can be noisy. <br> <br>Visitor parking is limited, and often all of the spots are taken on weekend evenings. <br> <br>While the walls insulate noise well, the floor and ceiling do not. When I lived on the second floor, I routinely received complaints from my neighbor below me that I was making too much noise just walking around in socks. So I moved to the first floor where I can hear every step the person above me makes! <br> <br>Office staff has a habit of sending out very poorly worded and confusing memos that I always need to get clarification on. For example, no one told me that my rent was reduced, so I kept paying the normal amount. Then I got I memo saying I would be evicted if I didn´t immediately pay them $600! It turns out they only meant that since I had been overpaying my rent, for the next month´s rent I only needed to pay them the difference. When I complained about the scary legalese used on the memo, they just said, "it´s a standard form." <br> <br>Grounds keepers wake me up with a leaf blower outside my door every Friday morning at 8:00 a.m. <br>
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Avana Skyway Apartments

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