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Resident 1998 - 2002 Recommended
Reviewed 03/08/2002
I heard a saying once: "A satisfied customer may tell one or two people about the experience, a dissatisfied customer will tell everyone." I am one of the satisfied people here at Blossom Oaks and now you get to be my person to tell about it. Please notice that, as of today, there are only 16 posts and only 12 of them are bad. I´d like to point out that there are something like 250 units at Blossom Oaks - so those 12 posts are only about 5% of the population of Blossom Oaks who say they had a problem. That leaves 95% unspoken for - now read that quote again... <br> <br>My last apartment was in West San Jose right on the border of Cupertino/Saratoga which is legendary for it´s upscale living. HA! It was noisy, small, had a rat that would visit each night on the wires outside my patio (we eventually named him Steve) and a real ----- of a landlady. Her being a ----- didn´t help the property stay clean, safe, well lighted.. you get where I am going with this... she was just a -----. Now if the place had been kept up, run well, was clean, the water wasn´t orange and my upstairs neighbor´s domestic violence was stopped maybe then she would have been described as a Tough Landlady and not just a -----. <br> <br>Many who have posted on this website feel that the manager and her assistant are less than friendly. That is obviously a matter of opinion. I have never had any problems with the management here and I´ve been here over 3 years now. I had friends that lived here in the early 90´s and back then there was drugs, hookers and all kinds of trash around. The manager that is here now came in and started cleaning things up. 10 years ago I wouldn´t given Blossom Oaks the time of day as far as moving in, but now is totally different. They repainted the complex, put up a gate around the community, cut down the fences to half the height to stop people from growing illegal substances on their patios, they got rid of all the trashy people that paraded around nightly. Now you can walk around at night and the only bad thing you´ll encounter is the smell of curry from some of the apartments. The landscaping is nice and it´s often commented on by people who are visiting me. I tell them that it´s like living in a park. <br> <br>The people who are ranting on this board must have had a problem with following a few simple rules that the management lays down before you even move in. I wish I could post all of them here - they are common sense stuff. The few I can think of off the top of my head are: Don´t be loud after 10 PM, have your pass with you when you use the pool/work out room to identify you as a resident, park in your own space, don´t have trash on your patio - you know... just stuff so the place is decent. I don´t know why it´s so hard for people to follow the rules. For that one person who said the apartment she rented had roaches... I don´t think so - they probably brought them with them in all those boxes they claim to have been living with. <br> <br>The poor English usage from some of the other people who are posting makes it obvious that they are probably Indian or Asian. Those people come here and try to push their culture and crap on us and then they complain when the manager gets mad and tells them not to hang their laundry on their patios so the place looks like a third world nation or, worse yet, Hee-Haw when there are plenty of washers/dryers available. They were probably upset that they were not allowed to let their kids run rampant through the complex and disturb the quiet peace of the complex on the weekends when the rest of us want to relax. There is a park about 2 blocks away where their spawn can run and scream. I want to help keep the place clean, tidy, affordable and most of all QUIET. I would say maybe 1% of the people I see who walk around at night and those that use the workout room or pool on the weekends don´t get the "Quiet" rule. Everyone else seems to follow the rules. <br> <br>I have talked with some of my neighbors before I posted here and only one of them seemed to have a problem with having a maintenance issue drag out for more than a couple of days. Everyone else was almost offended by what I told them was on this board. So, I´ll remind you once again... if you have a good experience don´t just tell one or two people - tell everyone you know.
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