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Gum Tree Apartments on Park Avenue



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Office Staff
Resident 1998 - 2000 Recommended
Reviewed 11/29/2000
The management COMPANY seems quality for this level of apartment complex. Have dealt with them directly. Onsite MANAGER is very superficial, non-personable, borderline discriminating if he doesn´t like you. <br> <br>Rented from previous onsite MANAGER, a very nice older gentleman. Attracted by VERY clean complex, location, quietness, good lighting at night. Waved at tenants, always smiling, very attentive and always seen. <br> <br>Current manager has had an easy job from the work of the previous manager. But signs of neglect are showing now. Laundry room is dirty. Lawns have lost grass, decorative flowers have disappeared --- tenants have taken to watering the lawn. Ants have been a problem, now roaches. Has been described as "mean" by a neighbor. Is not responsive and is rarely seen. Takes action to rectify problems on a "last-chance" basis. <br> <br>Personal dealings have included heated discussions per delays in maintenance, a lost rent check, harrassment like watering my person with a waterhose and obsessive scrutinizing of unit/surroundings. Have had to escalate to his superiors, which seems to keep him at bay. Unfortunately, his managers are not around all of the time, and you can expect to cope with a bad attitude, gleefully delivered bills, accelerated and unwarranted written warnings, and power games if you get on his bad side. He once shoved a written notice into my hand and ran away to his running car to avoid any discussion. The notice was dismissed by his superiors afterwards. <br> <br>At one time, I was happy to move a dark object out of my window when asked by the first manager. It interfered with the continuity of the white blinds in all of the other windows of the complex. If this manager asked me to do the same thing, I would tell him that I was not required to do it, among other things. <br> <br>These comments are facts, not grudge. I am a quiet tenant who has never been late with rent, and get along with my neighbors. I think it is a shame if any tenant has to avoid their manager, as they are also neighbors. <br> <br>I stay at Gum Tree because it is a very good find in this market. Most that need a small quiet place should be happy.
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Gum Tree Apartments on Park Avenue

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