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Park Kiely Apartments

355 Kiely Blvd

San Jose, CA 95129



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filthyplace • Resident 2001 - 2004 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/20/2005
i lived in these apartments for over 3 years, we had many problems while we lived there, such as ants, rodents, people dumping garabge on stairwells, we had many problems with the apartment it's self, we had to call out maintance a total of 35 times in 3 years! thats ridiculous.<br>the resident services is a joke might as well stick a moneky behind the counter you will get more sense from it.<br>when you go to visit the apartments you will be shown a lovely apartment don't be fooled you won't get one that looks like it!!<br>the grounds are a disgrace they only clean the areas that they know they will be walking potential renters through. they have a clause in the contracts that state balconys may only have certain items on, yet you can walk around the property and balconies are covered with god knows everything but the kitchen sink.<br>my car was broken in to several times over the three years. the gates don not work properly half of them were always broken.<br>we saw several people using barbaques on their balconies and nothing was done about it, talk about a major fire risk.<br>also our clothes were stolen from the laundry on so many occasions that we had to start sitting in the laundry room while our clothes were being washed. the neighbours have no respect for anyone but themselfs loud music, loud tv's and noise till what ever time they see fit to make it till!<br>do i need to say more! this place is a joke don't move in here. ps. the manager marie is one of the bigggest liars i have ever meet she lies through her teeth! she is like a broken record and sounds like a well trained puppet of higher management
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Park Kiely Apartments

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