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Park Kiely Apartments

355 Kiely Blvd

San Jose, CA 95129



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/07/2007
Hi, lived here for almost 2 weeks. My opinion of the place is that the people in the leasing office are incompetent. They try to milk you of any money possible and lie to you about the going rate when it's advertised as cheaper. Then they do not put your correct move in date so when you just got done driving for two days they tell you you can't move in for another 5 hours..Anyways, my apartment is actually pretty nice I must say in the inside. Smells in the hall like two day old curry which helps because I don't have to make dinner for the night as I have lost my appetite. The ducks are cool. All surrounding roads are shimmery....CUZ at least one car a night gets their window bashed in, oh..which reminds me..If you have more than one car get on the waiting list ASAP to pay $50/month to have an extra parking spot inside the gates that seem to never be closed to begin with. Only during EXPO weekend. My parking spot isn't even near my apartment building. And my most recent gripe the ghettos (white little thugs that think they can wear their wife beaters when it's raining out with their little chicana ugly girl)staring you down as they are too stoned to use the sidewalk and too poor to buy a car that they have to walk down the middle of the parking lot road so we can go around them but have them mad dog us bc THE VECHICLE should use the sidewalk next time.) But the ducks are cool and now we have geese. Boy this is exciting they even swim in the pool.
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Park Kiely Apartments

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