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Pines at North Park



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 09/01/2005
We've been living here for 4 months now and have enjoyed it so far. The main problem is the noise. There are quite a lot of barking dogs and residents who shout a lot late at night, and the ground maintenance starts with the leaf blowers at about 7am which is a pain.<br><br>Having said that, the grounds are very well maintained and the maintenance staff generally are really helpful, very friendly and have fixed any problems that we've had in a timely manner. <br><br>There are some design faults with the kitchen - namely, that one of the cupboards above the fridge is incredibly difficult to get to and there isn't a lot of cupboard space to begin with. Also, the plastic coating on the drawers and cupboards is pretty cheap and warps with the heat of the oven, making it difficult to open drawers unless you cut the stuff off.<br><br>Leasing office staff are ok, though they certainly pay you much more attention when you are looking at the apartments than they do after you have moved in (presumably because they've had their commission from you!)<br><br>Guest arrival is a problem also. The only place where there is any door buzzer is in the underground parking lot and it's impossible for people to find your apartment from there if they haven't been before. We have guests phone us when they arrive and then walk out to the street to escort them in. The managers need to get door buzzers installed on all the gates.<br><br>I agree that you pay a lot extra for amenities which you probably won't use but on the whole I'd say we have had a positive experience here so far.
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Pines at North Park

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