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Plum Orchard Apartments



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k-horn • Resident 2004 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/07/2007
This is an older complex, and hasn't aged particularly well. In our two-year stay at the apartment, cabinets fell off, had drawers fall out, and eventually just fell apart. Noise insulation is awful. I have lived in other first-floor units, but never with so much noise. The upstairs resident was apparently a musician, and made "musical" noise on a regular basis. While that was annoying, it was the fact that all foot traffic above us was audible in our unit. Oftentimes, it sounded as if a group of kids were playing upstairs, jumping up and down. There was also a great deal of noise coming from the hallways, which was severely amplified by the fire doors at each end. The decor seemingly hadn't been updated since the 70s. The paint scheme, carpet, and blinds were all antiquated, as were the kitchen appliances (no icemaker, old stove, etc.). The cabinets and drawers were literally falling apart towards the end of our residency -- the maintenance guy's arrival speed was variable -- sometimes fast, sometimes not at all (he seemed overworked). Another routine problem was the circuit breaker constantly shorting out when the window-mounted air conditioning unit was used. On hot days, with the A/C on full blast, the apartment was still hot. Your A/C is pretty bad if someone from south Texas is uncomfortable in relatively cool northern California. Crime has begun to catch up to the apartment as well. In mid-2006, someone attempted to pry open my front door while I was at work. At least one other unit was broken into, as the complex posted notices on other units alerting them to this fact. Later in 2006, burglaries of vehicles occurred multiple times late at night. The complex did not provide notice to residents regarding this problem. The shopping-strip mall "tini" bar adjacent to the complex was a frequent source of noise and criminal activity. Several fights broke out there and it was noisy enough that units facing it had to listen to the "music" and crowd noise every night that it was open. Our last experience after leaving this place in December was the fleecing of our security deposit for "apartment cleaning" and "blinds cleaning," and a whopping $225 deduction for "countertops," a stunner since we only ate take-out and/or already-prepared food from Whole Foods and actually owned no cutting utensils. Of course, the complex has thus far refused to provide the itemized deductions required under California Civil Code section 1950.5. They also failed to offer a preliminary inspection as required by the same statute. When contacted by phone, they hung up on me when I pointedly asked why I had not received all of my deposit back. They have a negative score by the Better Business Bureau, so I probably should have expected this.
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Plum Orchard Apartments

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