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Rosewalk Apartments

3601 Copperfield Drive

San Jose, CA 95136



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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/25/2007
When I first moved here, I had a relatively inexpensive second floor 2x2 apartment that looked like it had just been built. My main requirement was a garage and I had one, but I had to share it with my another resident who absolutely refused to close the door. After much complaining to the management (they even fined my neighbor for not closing the garage), they gave me a new garage closer to my apartment, and with people who actually closed the door.<br><br>The second floor wasn't for me, and around when my lease expired I moved to a first floor apartment. It was a great location, but a total nightmare. The people who lived in the apartment before either ran a day care or had 6 kids. The carpet was peppered with marker stains, the ceiling had glow-stars on it, and the doors had crayon marks. My new parking neighbor refused to close the garage, and actually damaged the garage so it couldn't be closed. When I complained to the managers about this (for four months) the woman came to my door and threatened to kill me if I talked to the managers about the garage again! The managers simply recommended that I call the police (which I had), but they should have evicted her.<br><br>So again, I was given a new garage, and again, that person closes it. When I got a second car, I was shocked to learn that if I wanted to park I'd have to buy a parking permit for $25 per month. Oh, and should this piece of plastic be lost, or stolen, or otherwise unavailable, I'd be charged $175!<br><br>Parking problems aside, the managers are generally very friendly and helpful. Other than the carpet, there's never been a problem they haven't solved. To give them credit, they did give me $75 to buy a rug, and I was able to get a really nice one across the street at Home Depot. The carpet is rough, always looks dirty and still has some stains to spite being shampooed 4 times in the 18 months I've been in this unit (I've lived in this complex for more than 3 years).<br><br>The maintenance staff is amazing. They're fast and get the job done without disrupting what I'm doing. Jose is especially accommodating. The maintenance manager is also really good at following through to make sure everything has been done to my satisfaction. <br><br>Noise is a big problem. I don't know if my ceiling is made of cardboard or what, but I hear every step those people take. Not only that, dogs are allowed, and apparently pretty large dogs. I've almost been attacked by dogs that look to weigh 50lbs or more. They aren't noisy. The noisy dogs are those that are smaller than a cat. I am woken up every morning around 5AM by some neighbors yelpy does. I've been bitten twice while they walk their noise-box dogs on a 40ft leash. <br><br>Rent is another big problem. Managers have told me several times that this is basically a short-term community, where people live while their homes are being built near by. You'd think they'd appreciate a resident like me who stays for three years, pays rents on time and makes no noise. But nope, they're raising my rent 9.99% (I assume San Jose has a 10% rate increase limit law). Not only that, they consider my new rent "market rate" and won't negotiate it. That's BS.<br><br>There are apartments just across the Albertson's parking lot that are much nicer on the inside, offering central heat and a/c, marble counters, wood cabinets, and more... for less money! That's where I'm moving.<br><br>Sorry to leave this place, because I do like it. But the economics just of it don't make sense.
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Rosewalk Apartments

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