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Santa Palmia



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295566 • Resident 2015 - 2016 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/08/2016
Stay away! The fire alarms regularly go off, often times very late or very early in the mornings. Good luck sleeping through them. The hallways have NO ventilation, so hopefully you like to smell your neighbors cooking! The "security" gates are routinely broken, often for days at a time. So much for feeling of security. Break-ins and vandalism in the garage are pretty routine. Worst of all, they will nickle and dime your deposit from you! I spent an entire weekend DEEP cleaning our apartment, and the pre-inspection resulted in the maintenance worker saying "this is one of the cleanest apartments I've seen. You won't get marked for anything!" But they tried to charge us $175 for "full apartment cleaning" from our deposit. When I inquired about this they had to review pictures, then said they made a mistake. I guess they charge everyone the fees and hope you don't question it. Shady. They also say you need to pay for carpet cleaning, even though it's not in the lease. The lease specifies you will not be charged for normal wear and tear, only to repair or replace the carpet. However, they will still try to take your money. The lady I spoke with had the audacity to ask, "Why are you getting so upset about this? It's not even that much money." Are you kidding me? How unprofessional can you get? How about you front the $500 your shady complex is trying to steal from me, then maybe I wouldn't be so upset? I'm fully expecting one of their copy/paste responses from their reps (instead of actually putting some thought into their interactions with clients) on this review. Will update if they care to reach out.
Santa Palmia Manager09/14/2016

We are sad to hear you had a less than ideal experience with us. We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service for all of our residents and we are very sorry that we did not meet that expectation with you. I understand that the Business Manager Lisa Acosta has reached out and has resolved your concerns at Santa Palmia. If you would like to further discuss your experience, please contact the General Manager for Palm Valley, Robyn Inaba at (408) 229-2002 or [email protected] at your convenience.

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Santa Palmia

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