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Santa Palmia



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barry_bonds • Resident 2004 - 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 09/01/2005
As far as architecture, landscaping, and quality goes, this apartment is rated 5 stars. It certainly is a unique apartment complex, not comparable to others.<br><br>I have a one bedroom unit and absolutely love it. It has everything I need, including a W/D and a nice balcony & sunset view, and a large walk-in closet.<br><br>Showing the complex to family and friends is breathtaking. They think they're in Italy or some vacation resort. It's nice having a work-out center, which carries a good selection of equipment. Everything surrounding the complex, the pools, jacuzzi, benches, water fountains, makes living here very tranquile and sophisticated.<br><br>Ok, now let's talk about the neighbors. From my unit, I really don't hear them, as much. The insulation must be great. Luckily, I don't have anybody on top of me, which is where I'd expect most of the noise to come from. So I recommend the top floor. Side neighbors, I don't know exist.<br>Sometimes during the day, I can hear the music playing loud, but not usually too long and this is not a problem at night.<br><br>Most of my neighbors are from all walks of life and a vary diverse group. You can tell they enjoy their privacy and want the nice things in life. From what I see, most of them are hard working and are rarely home. When I first moved, there was hardly any cars near my section. Now it is nearly filled. However, looking around, I don't notice much people. I guess most of us retreat into our units, even though there's lot to enjoy around the complex. <br><br>Most of the garage is filled with luxury cars and SUV's. There's been some burglary in the garage, some motorcycles were stolen, but I think it was an outside job. It's not difficult to get in here, despite the gated security to enter the complex and the other to get to the garage. Most cars can piggy-back and get in easily. I don't worry about my car, because I'm not carrying any expensive stereo system. Usually those cars are targeted, no matter where you park. There is security on site, but I don't think they are highly visible.<br><br>About every 3 months, the alarm goes off in the complex. It is a deafening loud noise and unfortunately usually it goes off at night. I have ear plugs that I use for travel, readily available, in case the alarm goes off. Usually it is a false alarm. Initially, I was pissed when this happens, but lately, I just go with the flow.<br><br>As far as the staff and management goes, I believe they try to do a good job and are doing there best. These are ordinary people and provide courtesy to others. I suspect most of tenants expect their asses to be kissed all the time, because they live in this fancy apartment complex. I don't share that same opinion and don't have high expectations. So far I have never had any problems with my unit. Most of my interfacing usually concerns packages left at the manager's office, which goes pretty smooth.<br>
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Santa Palmia

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