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esamac • Resident 2003 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/17/2005
I wrote a complaint to the Corporate office a week ago. I have yet to even get a response. Here the letter I sent:<br><br>To Management:<br>Hello, my name is xxx, currently residing in apartment #xxx of the Redwoods property.<br>I wanted to issue a formal complaint regarding the conditions here at the Redwoods in San Jose. <br>Things have taken a horrible turn for the worse over the last year. Since the new management has taken over, the property looks really poor. The spa (closest to the rental office) is rarely working. Very often, the water smells funny, the water level is low, and the jets and lights aren't working. I'd recommend paying more attention to this, as health issues should be a very high concern. Maintenance requests require a follow up call before they are given any attention. The last three times I called for maintenance (re: garbage disposal and toilet issues), I waited almost a week and had to call a second time to remind them about my request.<br>One of the biggest issues is the trash. I pulled up today and the smell of waste welcomed me to my 'lovely' home. The dumpster is, and has been, overflowing for over a week now. Up until today, the 'Recycle' bin was sitting in the middle of the parking lot, garbage literally pouring out of the top. It is really really gross. I'm definitely not putting the entire responsibility on the management, as this is residents making this mess. But I definitely would like to see management give this some attention! Notices need to be posted, garbage needs to be picked up more often, or whatever it is management does to keep these things from getting out of control. This is NOT what one would expect from a Nicholas A Stevens property.<br>My lease is up in December and at this time, I don't plan on renewing. I'd like to reiterate that I spent many months here being a very happy resident, so I know this property has the potential to be much better. As for right now, both my friend and I don't plan on referring any more residents either.<br>I hope you take this into consideration. You are welcome to contact me with any questions regarding my experience living here.<br>Best regards,<br>Elisa
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