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The Cypress



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Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/09/2005
I live across the street from the Cypress. After a month a looking a boxes stacked on balconies there, not to mention the plants placed a ledge four stories above, I went over to the leasing office there. I informed them to please enfource their ploicy about not storing boxes on balconies and pourches. I also reminded them about their policy of not hanging anything off the outside of the apartments. They said they would look into it and send notices to those apartments. After a week it was the same. When I went back to the leasing office, I saw the same leasing agent. This time, she said, "we don't have time to send out letters". One month later the boxes are still there... on three seperate balconies. When I moved in across the street two months ago, I had a couple of boxes on my balcony that I had not unpacked. I received a letter informing me of the policy not to store anything there. How do I get a letter but the others don't? I live in the Oaks across the street from the Cypress which is operated by the same company, The Irvine Community. You pay a lot here, but you don't get the clean atmosphere that the staff is suppose to uphold. I wonder what lack of response this letter is goiong to get. I'm going to print out all the negative comments found on this site and send them to the Irvine Company Management. I actually called them and they did not respond to me. Instead they contacted the manager here at the Oaks and she took my complaint and said she would look into it. Nothing ever happend beacuse I'm still staring at the boxes to this day. I can't wait until my lease is up. Oh, I can support the fact that this places tries to nickel-n-dime you when you leave. I upgraded to a two-bedroom unit after 45 days in a one-bedroom. They charged me $175 for apartment and carpet cleaning. We left the apartment in just the same condition as when we arrived, but they still charged us. If they try and do that again, we will certainly sue them.
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The Cypress

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