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The Enclave

4355 Renaissance Drive

San Jose, CA 95134



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FormerEnclaveResident • Resident 2003 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/23/2007
Skip to Post move section at the bottom for the most significant part<br>Pre Move: Excellent customer service and staff was curteous and helpful<br>Year 1 (2004): Overall went pretty well. Myself and my wife liked it<br>Year 2 (2005):<br>. Getting a dish installed was a pretty bad experience. I wanted to do it according to there rules but that resulted in me rescheduling the dish network folks multiple times. Everytime i called the office they told me a new story. Totally dosconnected story at there end<br>. Security and safety issues started. You can hear gun shots sometimes for a neighboring community<br>. Our roof started to leak. It took them forever to react. Finally they got it fixed. However it leaked AGAIN in a couple of weeks time. This was a terrible experience.<br>Year 3 (2006): <br>.Maintenance requests went unheard. My wife and i had to call multiple times.<br>. Multiple Robberies in the complex. Someone stole my shoes and joggers from outside out apartment<br>. Our lease was expiring in October and i needed the partment for couple of more weeks. I requested my lease to be extended but they refused. My rent went up from roughly 1150 to 1600. Although i can understand that rents went up in general during this time but still this was way much<br>Post Move (Dec 2006): <br>. Cleaning: We were given 2 choices for cleaning: Use enclave designated cleaners and dont pay any fines on security deposit or get that amount cut from your security deposit. We went for option 1. We filled all the holes, left the apartment very clean.<br>. Getting our security deposit back: This was the WORST customer service experience we went through. While leaving i made sure that the accountant add a copy of the cleaning bill to my file so that security deposit can be returned quickly. I was told i should expect it in 4 weeks (end of dec). When we didnt receive anything my wife called and found out that the acocuntant at that time had left and the new accountant told her that she doesnt have any prrof of cleaning so the accountant is going to deduct that from our deposit. When my wife told the accountant that we had done the cleaning and had made sure that the bill was added to our file this person flatly said that they dont have that proof and hung up on my wife (thats enclaves problem if they loose my receipt). So i call this person back and tell this person that its enclave apartment's fault that they lost the bill but this person flatly refused to listen and asked me to get the receipt. So i obliged and to expedite faxed this person/accountant a copy of the cheque i had paid ot cleaners. This accountant refused to accept that as a proof and hung on me. During this period i called this person 6-7 times, requested to call me back when this person gets my fax but never got a call back. My next move was to call the cleaners and requested them to fax the receipt to enclave and also call this accountant. They obliged. Nothing happened after that so i called back. The acocuntant said that has not received any faxes and the phone call didnt specifically mention about my apartment. That was an outright lie. But anyways my next move was to request the cleaners to fax the receipt to me. After that i faxed this receipt to this person and left a couple of messages. NO RESPONSE. So i got sick of it and talked to another person in enclave leasing office who requested me to initiate an e-mail and include this second person on it as well. So i did that and attached the receipt as well. I was told to wait for 2 more days to find out what will happen next. As usual i dont get back any call or response to my mail so i send another mail. I am told that my remaining security deposit (partially it was sent to me earlier) will reach me in 21 business days. <br>It was not about the amount of my security deposit but the fact that its my hard earned money and i am not going to double pay anyone. I am still waiting for my remaining deposit. This was the worst customer service experience of my life. If i was the employer i would fire this accountant on the spot.
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The Enclave

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