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The Grove



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Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/29/2007
I finaly got out of this hell hole and if I can help at least one decent english speaking person stay clear of this ------ place, I'll have done my job. Where to beging...well first off in the 2 years I lived there my car got broken into not once but three times. All three times were within their "secured" parking environment. The last time they broke in, there was nothing left to steal so they just left the doors open. When I told the office what happened their answer was "We are not responsible for theft". Lovely customer service there ------ bags.<br><br>I'm pretty sure being a legal resident of the United States is not a requirement. I was only asked for one form of ID and I know for a fact they didn't do a back ground check. This is made quite evident by the sheer number of non english speaking kids and parents that inhabit the place.<br><br>Our garbage was always full and over flowing and when we would have no choice but to dump the stuff on the ground, management would leave us all a little note. Our laundry area on our side had 3 washers and 3 dryers but only one of each worked for an entire year. So forget about doing your laundry in the day time as the mexican women had them locked up. It takes a lot of time to wash clothes for the 15 people you have crammed into one 2 bedroom apt. Get used to doing laundry at 2 am or at the local 'mat.<br><br>The pools are filed with gangsta people and their evil little offspring. My son got harassed everytime he went down there by himself just to swim a little. One time we went down and there was a gangsta BBQing party going on within the gates of the small unheated pool. There was smoke everywhere and when we went in to swim they looked at us like they were going to kill us for crashing their party.<br><br>Oh and let us not forget the gansta cars that would drive by thumping oldies at 3 in the morning or the downstairs neighrbors that would blast their ranchero music ALL THE TIME. Try getting some sleep with that going on.<br><br>Parking is a joke. Just about every free parking slot is taken up by jalopies that never move.<br><br>One night I came home with my son and daughter and there was a crack head passed out in front of my door. I'm not joking about this. It was late so I couldn't cal mangement but I'm sure they would have told me that was a "feature" for living there and asked me to feed her. I called the cops and it turns out the Sleeping Beauty on my doorstep was a person that they were already looking for in the area, wanted for assult. Yep, I felt safe, good thing we have those "Secure" gates alright.<br><br>Oh it doesn't stop there. Another night I am driving up Fruitdale and see something in the middle of the street. When I pulled up closer and saw what it was, I almost crapped myself. There in the middle of the street was a little toddler in diapers @ 10pm at night. I put my emergency flashers on and leaped out of my car to grab the kid. Lucky for me he knew which apt was his. As I banged on the door for an hour this high as can be lady answers the door and grabs the kid. I tried explaining what happened and she just slammed the door on me. I'm not making this up, these are true stories.<br><br>To top it all off I get the final bill and they want to charge me over $500.00 for cleaning charges. When we left the place was in very good condition. The carpets were in great shape and everything was cleaned the same if not better then when we first got it. Well they can suck their $500 out of my ---.<br><br>Do yourself a favor and stay away from this place. It's a dump and the renters and staff are slum lords.
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The Grove

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