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West Park Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 1998 - 2002 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/08/2002
I can´t belive I am writing about this but, people have GOT to be informed about this apt complex. I have a freind who lives there so I have had a chance to have a taste of her hell. The managment at this complex continuously irritates and harass the tenets with meaningless memeos and letters about polices and such- that´s not bad on the surfice but, the tone of the letters are always accusing and degrading. The two women in the Prison guard watch tower (Theresa and Loretta -Managment Office)donot miss a chance to harrass visitors. I myself have been stoped and interrogated. They also have some crazy policy that says that if a visitor stays more than 5 days a month, the apt renter must pay $50 extra on the rent!! Get this- the elevator often goes on the inoperable list. God forbid it goes out on a friday cause it will not be repaired until monday! What about the people with health problems who need that elevator to reach their apt on the 3rd floor? Can u imagine your mom or dad huffing and puffing up those stairs. Just to save the cost of premium pay for the elevator mechanic! I am telling you, these people are just evil. Everything writen on this web site about this apt complex is true as far as I can tell! PLEASE donot be tricked by the look of the place- STAY AWAY!! Well, there is more but I belive you get the idea. Bye and good luck!
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West Park Apartments

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