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Hamlet Apartments



Resident · 2008 - 2011
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Office Staff
So I've lived here at the Hamlet for 3 years. When I first moved in I liked it, neighbors were pretty nice except for some reason out of all the stair wells all the kids that live around my apartment which is on the second floor neighbors above and below, stairs leading straight to my patio and front door...All the kids liked playing on my stair well, running up and down and banging things against the metal railings. After asking many times they finally stopped, probably cause I was so annoyed I scared them. It was pretty decent until some new neighbors moved in above me. A mom I believe and her teen son, approx. 17-18 yrs old. VERY VERY VERY inconsiderate and VERY loud. Constantly making noise all hours of the day and night, not caring at all for us downstairs. One unfortunate day off they again were making so much noise banging so loud that my things were shaking in my apartment. Next thing their door slams SO HARD I couldnt help but look outside my door and here comes the young man down the stairs and sees me and starts cussing me out, I did not say one word just looked at him and he starts cussing me out on my patio at my front door. From that moment I wanted to move. The next day I go and complain to the manager and she tells me "Well maybe he was having a bad day and you caught him at the wrong time" WHAT??? I don't care how bad a day I have I would never talk to a complete stranger the way that young man did to me. I'm moving out tomorrow....cannot wait because the noise from above has been so unbearable...I'm not going to complain anymore cause they don't do anything and because I still have to live here for a night and fear my neighbors may retaliate. If youre thinkin of moving here....DO NOT MOVE INTO APT. 305!!! The people downstairs fight all the time and the people upstairs are THE MOST disrespectful, inconsiderate and rude people I have ever come across. And yes all through the night there is constant traffic through here with people walking through as a short cut from bart. So get youre ear plugs out to sleep!! Hope all future tenants read these reviews!!
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Hamlet Apartments

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