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San Leandro Racquet Club



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Office Staff
Resident 1999 - 2001 Recommended
Reviewed 01/04/2001
I would recommend it for a few reasons, however there are others which may hinder a final decision. <br> <br>1) Right next to BART and the train tracks. LOUD LOUD LOUD!! Especially if you are on the outskirts/exterior driveway of the complex You´ll sleep with a pillow over your head for a while until you become accustomed. <br> <br>2) Right Next to the Ghiradelli Chocolate Factory. Loud at night when the factory still operates. Smell of chocolate in the air. Just plain sickening after awhile. <br> <br>3) The view sucks. My apartment was in the back of the complex. Perfect view of the Ghiraidelli Factory. Ugly. Too industrious. <br> <br>4) Thin walls <br> <br>5) Appliances not reliable/old. Loud dishwasher, unregulated stove, freeze-less freezer. <br> <br>6) Maintenence lousy. <br> <br>7) Parking lot is dark. Many (no exageration) residences have had thier cars broken into in the front lot. I think complaints have prompted brighter lighting recently. <br> <br>8) Management is not helpful. Very nice at first then unexpectedly stand-offish and unapproachable. When a problem arises (ex: with a bad neighbor), they cower down and sit on thier hands as if they can do nothing. They ignore the safety and best interest of the resident- until they get ready to handle it. <br> <br>9) Hard to get groceries upstairs if you are single. <br> <br>10) Rent increase for the area it is in is obnoxious. Money hungry landlord/managers out to cash in on the hot Bay Area market with Silicon Valley and SF nearby. Outrageous rent for what you get. <br> <br>11) Small closet space in the 1 bedroom lofts. Only one person could live here. There is no storage either. <br> <br>Now for the good things! <br> <br>1) Great artsy 1 bedroom lofts (i rented one for 2 years)! High ceilings (watch out for for cobwebs though), big big windows, angled walls, and nice decks. <br> <br>2) Pets are allowed! (at least when I rented. hefty pet deposit at $600 and they keep $150 of it.) <br> <br>3) Close to 580 and 880 freeways. Actually it is right in between the two. BART is 2 minutes away. And it is a great central location even though the surroundings are not desirable. (too industrious) <br> <br>4) Great walls to display big pictures and decorate to your liking. <br> <br>5) An overall unique apartment. I loved it. I loved being home and enjoying it while it lasted. However, be sure to weigh the above list against the initial look of the apartment. Most people will fall in love with it´s unique style. <br> <br>For a large complex like this and the so-so location, the appeal to move in is more than likely going to be the neat-o apartment rather that the list of cons I listed above. I wasn´t looking to live in a large complex- what got me in was the appeal of the apartment and the fact that you can have a pet. <br> <br>It´s worth checking out...
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San Leandro Racquet Club

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