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San Leandro Racquet Club



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Office Staff
Resident 2009 - 2010 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/27/2010
As a former tenant who lived here for 1 year, paid my deposits to move in, then paid my rent on time, I would NEVER recommend this place to someone. Run like hell to the next complex, you can do so much better. I moved in and has issues with the cable TV. No connection to the unit. Management told me to get satellite "It's better." I tried to get satellite but no line of sight to get signal. Back to cable. After a month of back and forth and no cable TV, I finally had to say you have 3 choices. Fix it so I can get cable, 2. move me to a new unit at your expense. 3. let me out of my lease immediately. The cable was fixed a week later. Mind you it took 45 days of a lot of back and forth to get them to do anything. The appliances are shoddy and worn out. The stove in my unit only worked half the time. They would claim to fix it, but 2 burners never really operated. Noisy neighbors moved in next door and would blast their music until 3 or 4 in the morning -- loud thumping. Called the cops 3times and complained in writing to management numerous times. Finally the people moved out after 3 months. My mail was stolen out of my mailbox and people used my credit cards. I had to cancel all of them, get a P.O. box and start over. What a mess. Parking is a nightmare. You're assigned a space on the other side of the complex. Guest parking is non-existant. Balconies are falling apart and rotting and a real safety concern. Blind are dirty and don't operate fully. When I moved out I had the unit professionally cleaned. They refused to give me any of my deposit back even after proof so had to take legal action against them. I could go on and on and on .. but you get the picture. Stay away. Oh and if ---------------- talk to you -- just take it as they are lying to you. They can't be trusted. The people that are in "management" here are worthless, unfriendly, and downright rude. All they care about is your rent money. They lie to get you to come in and sign a lease and then if you have a problem, lord don't even bother calling them girl. They will ignore you and you'll never get no help. Good luck ever finding anyone really in charge. The washers are dirty and half the time eat your money. You don't want to use the cesspool ... I mean pool. And lord, the BART goes by every 15 minutes and girl it's noisy.
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San Leandro Racquet Club

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