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Sequoia Grove Apartments



Resident · 2008 - 2009
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
If I had the time, energy and money, I swear I would move. I just can't right now. School, work, and family take up so much of my time... Let me start with the walls: Paper-thin, as are the floors. I can hear my downstairs neighbor's stereo all the time (he thinks his place doubles as a damned recording studio). My neighbor upstairs is morbidly obese, and so I can hear her thumping around from the bathroom, where she habitually drops items of varying weight, some of which BOUNCE. What the hell she is toying with, I have no clue... I do know that she loves to keep things in her cabinets though, since she slams them shut. Lucky me, both these neighbors' schedules are nothing like mine, so I find myself still awake until way past midnight, only to have to wake up at 5 in the morning. The laundry room is always filthy with lint, fabric softener sheets and all sorts of trash on the floor. Mind you, the laundry room wastebasket is ALWAYS full, so who is to blame here? There are usually 2 out of the 6 washers and 2 of the 6 dryers broken, so good luck washing. Did I mention that they control the temperature of the wash and dryer? It says $1.50 on the dryers, but you will need about $2 to REALLY get your clothes dry. The security gate is supposed to be wide-open from 9am to 6pm, but most times out of the week when I get home later than 6pm its still open. I've come home past midnight and the security gate is still open. Oh, and the security door on the side building NEVER closes all the way. My bathtub has sealant layer on top of sealant layer. Quite a surprise when I was cleaning. It was like pulling string cheese, only disgusting. The water pressure is non-existent (think leaking faucet) and don't get me started on the water heater. If you must know, there are two settings: Freezing cold and scalding hot. When I first moved here, I was accosted right outside of my door one evening. I was locking my front door in gym-clothes (tank top and sweatpants) and some stranger starts rubbing me on my arm, dishing compliments. I quickly told him off, but when I told the landlady about it, she advised me that no one in the building fit the description I gave her and that it sounded like a 'harmless little flirtation.' Fuccing, -----. Management has since replaced that worthless good-for-nothing waste of space property manager and hired a young guy who at least has been nice enough to offer an apartment transfer. I've given the rating for staff a 3 as I am presently indifferent about it. That of course would renew my lease, and I must tell you, I am not willing to live here for another year. Let me finish school and I am NEVER coming back here.
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Sequoia Grove Apartments

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