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Summerhill Terrace Apartments



Resident · 2004 - 2016
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Office Staff
I've lived at this place for good chunk of years with my mom. I was never put on the lease and no one made me. I've seen a many different managers the crazy sticker lady and I forgot the others but this place has a bad habit of hiring people who don't know laws or how to do their job. This current manager just blah blah blah never shuts up always talks over you. Anyways the place is never really kept in great shape. The wood from the balcony has been rotted out which is a danger to anyone walking on or under it. You can hear the pipes in the walls all hours of the day and night making so much noise. And according to the manager of she can't hear it it never happened. The place was rented out to my mom as a smoking room but they decided to change the rules. There are homeless drug users dumpster diving. There are never any parking and even came home to find people parked in our designated parking spot. When I called security they did nothing but take pictures because they have no power to tow cars away basically never see them around so I don't know what they are supposed to be watching. Here's the messed up part. The end of December my mom dies from cancer. I figure being honest would be a good thing so I let the manager know and to see what my options are. I get called in to meet her while in at work and find out they are changing the locks and kicking me out without getting any of my things. That night it was cold and raining and I had no where to go. Now they tried slapping me with an eviction and telling me I owe 1700 for rent and 1300 for cleaning and repairs. So that's what I get for my mom dying. So I suggest to all of you go live some where else. Save your money for something worth it cause this place and fuller enterprises and all of its locations are trash. Prices keep rising and they are cold blooded to long time residents.
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Summerhill Terrace Apartments

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