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Summerhill Terrace Apartments



Resident · 2000 - 2006
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Office Staff
Been here a total of five years. I used to love it here even tho the noise in the main building is a bit much at times. Its close to my shopping places. But NOW I'M MOVING! And giving notice when lease goes up in July.<br>I'm fed up with new this new manager.<br>Since she took over in jan /2006 she is rude to tenants. She keeps the blinds to the office closed and her door shut unlike our other manager Kathy who was nice and welcoming to me. I ask her one day why she kept everything shut up and she said she has cameras on the doorways now and it has to be for HER SAFETY. When did summerhill become UNSAFE???<br>Another thing. I have heard her speaking bad about other tenants in spanish. Just because I'm black doesn't mean I don't know spanish!!<br><br>You want to know what I caught this woman doing??!!! I was in a hurry to get out the door late for work & when I flung it open there stood miss manager listening in by my door and boy did i catch her off guard. Be careful for this woman. She listens in on your apartments.<br>I cant wait to leave.
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Summerhill Terrace Apartments

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